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About Us


Founded in 2016, 4ColouredGrulz is an ode to Black folks and a declaration that comfort and joy is a colored girl's birthright. Each 4ColouredGurlz product is crafted with love, intention, and a prayer that we may all extend ourselves pleasure while uplifting the divinity within. 

On Fragrance  

Each 4ColouredGurlz fragrance is named in honor of a historical figure or ancestor that has taught us how to claim ownership over these free bodies and heal ourselves. Our signature scents are a blend of essential and fragrance oils. 


On Spelling 

The number 4 is used to emphasize that these products are made 4 us by us.  Coloured is spelled with a U to honor the expansive black diaspora. Gurlz is spelled with a U and Z to defy the farce gender binary and to celebrate the divine feminine that exists within all of usWe extend reverence and gratitude to our beloved ancestor Ntozake Shange for her chorepoem For Colored Girls, which inspired the naming.


4ColouredGurlz is a love offering and a prayer that we may all enchant, nourish, and heal ourselves. 

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